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Welcome to the IVA forum... We are a collective body of serious Vampyre Groups, Houses, Covens and Havens working together towards the goal of the recognition of the Vampyre Community as a valid identity group internationally, and to facilitate acceptance and tolerance of diversity and our community within society as a whole within the scope of the broader Human Rights movement.
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 user base?

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PostSubject: user base?   Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:29 pm

The group rules are obsessed with breaking everyone up into categories with different tiers of hierarchy. I have a hard time seeing where it's necessary at this point--there are what, a dozen members?

I understand you're trying to make something that will last, but even looking over the member list, it's just the same names I see everywhere else. What will this group attempt to do that others haven't already done?

Not critical, just confused.
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PostSubject: Re: user base?   Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:49 pm

Dear Bloodypinklady,

This group will be reaching out to other groups around the globe, soliciting their participation. More member groups, more participants, more user names you haven't seen before.

This forum has been up for about 24 hours now, and has 13 users, especially from some of the biggest groups in the community. That isn't bad going, I would rate.

I'm sure you will recognize that the tiers and hierarchy are geared towards smooth operation - not even a private company can operate without some form of hierarchy or means to maintain order or control over its operation, or to manage a flow of information or a process or even a debate.

Also, as has been mentioned in some of the topics, these matters are not set in stone and are still open for debate. All constructive suggestions will be considered.

In most cases, especially for those who will actually participate in the debate or representative processes, the hierarchy only extends to three groups - Ambassadors, Delegates, and the Executive Council, the last of which consists of members from the Ambassadors group. I don't see an internal hierarchy three layers deep as "obsessive".

The rest are staff such as Admin and moderators who will not usually interact with the other groups unless it is required of them.

The other user groups such as Observers and ordinary Members are individuals outside the community, or at least outside the IVA, who are only allowed deeper access temporarily. I'm sure you can see the need to limit access on this point?

As for doing what hasn't been done before, the IVA will present a clean-cut, corporate image, given legitimacy by the participation of its member groups, to the world at large as an international focus-group representing the broader Vampyre community in such things as laid out in the mission,vision & goals posted on the Info Section - and it will do so using recent scientific and medical evidence as well as human rights argument, while seeking to break with the perceived stereotype of the role-player and life-styler.

I hope this answers your questions.

Please feel free to contact either Wraiths or myself if you have any further queries.

Kind regards,

Octarine Valur.
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user base?
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