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 IVA to gather statistics on hate crime

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PostSubject: IVA to gather statistics on hate crime   Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:55 pm

The International Vampyre Alliance (IVA) is now gathering statistics on incidents of hate-crime against Vampyres as part of laying the foundations for an awareness campaign as well as determining the current status quo in this regard.

If any person who self-identifies as a member of the Vampyre community has experienced any discrimination, violence or any other incident which can be described as a hate crime on the basis of their being Vampyre, then the IVA wants to know about it.

Respondents are requested to include a brief description of the incident, the date, time and general location, what they believe the motive for the incident to be, and their feelings about the incident. Respondents do not have to provide identifying details, but if they wish to provide their nightside names, this will be appreciated.

The need for precise detail in terms of date and time, and location of the incident - as well as apparent motive for such incidents, will play a vital part in the compilation of statistics - for example, was the person confronted because of a) dress, or because b) they were known to the aggressor as being vampiric? Was the incident reported to the authorities? What was said in terms of slurs, etc.

If someone was victimized in any way for being Vampyre, fired from their job, evicted from their home, expelled from school or their religious group, or assaulted - the IVA wants to know about it.

If there are enough detailed responses, it is likely that these may later be compiled into a book to advance the cause of awareness around the VC. Steps will be taken to protect the identity of those who confide in us.

If you would like to respond to the IVA, please send your reports to internationalvampyrealliance@gmail.com
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IVA to gather statistics on hate crime
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