A collective body of serious international Vampyre Groups, Houses, Covens and Havens working together towards the goal of the recognition of the Vampyre Community as a valid identity group.
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Welcome to the IVA forum... We are a collective body of serious Vampyre Groups, Houses, Covens and Havens working together towards the goal of the recognition of the Vampyre Community as a valid identity group internationally, and to facilitate acceptance and tolerance of diversity and our community within society as a whole within the scope of the broader Human Rights movement.
All information is intellectual property of the International Vampyre Alliance - No re-printing without written permission...
If you are a member of the IVA forum and would like to represent your group or House on the IVA but have not indicated this yet, please do so now. Thank you.

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 Joining The IVA Forum

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PostSubject: Joining The IVA Forum   Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:43 am

As can be seen, this is a closed forum, open to appointed members only - such as Ambassadors and Delegates from individual countries, and the Executive Council of the IVA.

Certain areas, such as this one, are open to public view, while others are visible only to those who participate in them. There are exceptions however, in the interests of transparency, and in order for the IVA to engage with wider society, where certain areas are open to designated Observers.

Ordinary Members:

Anyone can join the forum, no restrictions or exceptions, except where people who join simply to troll the forum will be banned.

Community Representatives:

If you want to join the IVA forum as a representative of your group or House, and wish your group to be reflected as a member or affiliate of the IVA, kindly include this along with details when you post in the Guest Book so that we can contact you with more details.

Media Representatives:

If you are a member of the Media, wishing to be granted access to the Press Room, or a Vampyre community body (House, Coven or Haeven), or a member of an interest-group wishing to engage with the IVA, please make your request when you sign the Guest Book in this section.

Please note that in every case where a media representative is concerned, you will be requested to provide references and credentials before your admission to the forum will be approved.
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Joining The IVA Forum
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