A collective body of serious international Vampyre Groups, Houses, Covens and Havens working together towards the goal of the recognition of the Vampyre Community as a valid identity group.
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Welcome to the IVA forum... We are a collective body of serious Vampyre Groups, Houses, Covens and Havens working together towards the goal of the recognition of the Vampyre Community as a valid identity group internationally, and to facilitate acceptance and tolerance of diversity and our community within society as a whole within the scope of the broader Human Rights movement.
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If you are a member of the IVA forum and would like to represent your group or House on the IVA but have not indicated this yet, please do so now. Thank you.

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 Vision, Mission and Goals of the IVA

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PostSubject: Vision, Mission and Goals of the IVA   Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:04 am


Vampyres co-existing peacefully with Mundanes in a society where the vampiric are not feared, hated or subjected to xenophobia, unfair discrimination or abuses resulting from superstition, misconceptions or other forms of prejudice.


To break down and discredit misconceptions of Vampyre-kind held by societal groups who act against our community, revile our nature out of ignorance, superstition or whatever other reasons, in a rational and logical manner by means of open discussion, civil engagement and the provision of sound medical and scientific evidence, and the pursuit of further research into our nature in order to support our cause.

To engage with all other eligible Vampyre Groups, Houses, Covens and Haevens around the world, with the aim of realizing the Vision of the IVA, and to enlist them in the cause.


To achieve international recognition of the IVA as a legitimate representative body for Vampyre-kind, and of Vampyre-kind as a valid identity group with inherent qualities, characteristics and needs by medical, scientific and governmental bodies around the world.

To educate both Mundane society groups, as well as Vampyre-kind about our nature, and our culture, and to allay fears among Mundanes and their misconceptions arising from those fears.

To eliminate the inherent risks, both medical and legal, associated with vampirism, by engaging with governmental authorities on the matter of private voluntary donorship and on laws and conventions which criminalize or obstruct voluntary and consensual expressions of vampirism.

To provide support for Vampyre groups and communities globally, in terms of uniform, authoritative, informative and educational material which they can both apply to themselves, as well as to employ it towards educating their local societies.

To inspire cohesion and a sense of pride, community and belonging in the international Vampyre community, a sense of support of the IVA and its efforts within that community; to create a sense of need for the IVA, an organization which will represent Vampyre-kind in the world of Mundanes, and whose time has come.

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Vision, Mission and Goals of the IVA
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